Terry McGinnis/Batman II (batreborn) wrote in oldgotham,
Terry McGinnis/Batman II

[Open] Like a Bat Out of Time

Great. Terry was stuck in 2009 without his jet or any clue how to get home. He wanted to find Jason Blood, since he'd been fighting a demon with Etrigan just before he'd been zapped here, but so far he'd only found some idiot who had no respect for Robin's legacy. And old Gotham was harder to navigate. Everything was different.

He needed help. Hopefully help that wouldn't cause a rip in the space-time continuum or anything. But he wasn't sure what else to do.

With luck, the Batfamily used the same frequencies in the past as he and Wayne used in 2041. He turned on his radio as he flew through the old skyscrapers.

"Batman, pick up? Slag, I'll take anyone who's getting the signal. Someone?"
Tags: dick grayson (outlikedisco), ic, open, terry mcginnis (batreborn)
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