Lady Blackhawk (Zinda Blake) (flybynightbabe) wrote in oldgotham,
Lady Blackhawk (Zinda Blake)

[open] She should be used to this by now.

Okay she's a little pissed. Or a lot pissed. Really really really. Who in their ever loving mind just forgets to gas up a friggin' chopper? Well... clearly she did. Zinda can't even blame this on joyriders, there had to be a leak in the engine or something, because she KNOWS that thing was all ready to go when she climbed in the seat just this morning. That kind of thing is literally life or death up there, no way she would just take off without checking for fuel. It just completely doesn't explain why three hours later she was making an emergency landing in a field outside of Gotham, leaning against a lamppost and nursing a hell of a blister.

8 miles, her feet tell her. 8 miles just to get to the city and it's friggin' cold. And she's been trying every one of Oracle's private frequencies she can think of and some she's just kind of making up on the off chance they do work. It'd probably be easier just to put out an open SOS, but her pride has been very and thoroughly ruffled. The walk's doing a lot to cool that down. She's supposed to be in Metropolis with the rest of the Birds, not in Gotham. Dinah's and Helena's personal lines don't connect when she tries to radio and yeah, that just ain't right. Time to swallow her pride and make the call.

"This is Lady Black Hawk, radioin' in a call for assistance. I got a downed bird in a field outside a' Gotham City and a heck of a pair of sore feet. Any friendlies in the area free to give assistance radio back."

She's hoping this isn't another reality bending life altering alternate universe/time thing. One of those was more than enough to last her several life times.

"And hey while your at it, can anyone tell me what year it is 'round here?"
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