Ellie Grayson | Robyn (girl_on_patrol) wrote in oldgotham,
Ellie Grayson | Robyn

[Open] To Stay or Not to Stay

How long had it been since she was last here? Weeks? Months? ... Years? As she stood from her rooftop perch, Robyn almost regretted coming back to her old hometown. Her old mentor had been able to handle the workload without her, after all. (Why else wouldn't she call?)

She sighed, staring down at the crowds of people. No one noticed she was here - and probably for good reason - but the invisibility was almost calling out to her. "You don't need to stay here," the people seemed to say as they moved on with their lives. "Your mentor's got this covered. Why don't you go back with the Titans where you belong?"

Robyn bit her lip. She belonged with her mentor too... so what now? Plopping down, she lazily continued to watch the people. At least if her mentor didn't want her back... there was always people watching, right?
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