Dr. Sally Marquez (OC) (midnightstudent) wrote in oldgotham,
Dr. Sally Marquez (OC)

Open RP Post VI

Sally Marquez was an intern at Arkham Asylum, training to be a psychiatrist. It was weird, pecular even when there was no one there to greet her or log her in. What had happened? It was like everyone had just disappeared.  She stood still for a moment as if confused and then decided to at least check up on Killer Croc in the hospital wing. As soon as she went down one of the hallways a voice called out her name.

"Hey! Marquez!" The brunette whipped around to see one of the guards, Jim, stuck in one of the cells.

Sally ran to get him out, "What are you doing in there?"

"I don't know, I just woke up. Get me out of here, Sal. This place is giving me the creeps." She opened the door and let him out. That was weird...but then again weirder things had happened in Arkham. Who else had been locked in here?

((OOC: Your character has just been locked in a cell in Arkham Asylum! Sally will be going around freeing people she knows doesn't belong but some might be kept in...there are two particular things about Sally: 1. She's a meta, she can read people's memories. If there's something you want her to read or see feel free to type it in! I won't make her scan or force memories. 2. She's from a different time period then most. This is just before the Knightfall Saga, specifically after Bane broke both of Killer Croc arms. Have fun and nice meeting you!))

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