Stephanie Brown (ichoosefight) wrote in oldgotham,
Stephanie Brown

OPEN RP - Starbucks, most likely.

Stephanie was stressed. Of course, that was pretty normal for her, but it had gotten to the point where she needed to leave the house. Her mom wouldn't stop bugging her, and she knew she'd flown off the handle, but she couldn't help herself. Her nights had been getting longer and longer, and she was falling more and more behind on her classwork, and it seemed as though the only people even mildly interested in her were either gay, jerks, or criminals. She was supposed to be turning her life around, not piloting it into the abyss!

"I should never have let my mom convince me to go to college," she muttered to herself. At least it left her in a forgiving mood. Not that she had plans to return home in the next couple of hours.

And so she found herself seated in a cafe favored by the local college students for its free wifi access surrounded by papers, textbooks, writing utensils, and some overly-sweet coffee drink she'd already forgotten the name of, most definitely not doing her homework.
Tags: damien wayne (bratbeyond), ic, stephanie brown (goddamnbatgirl)
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