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Gotham: City of Fools

the wise men of Gotham are risen again

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a Gotham Dressing Room
city of fools :: a gotham dr

The sky is overcast as night overtakes day, with no moon to break up the brooding clouds and only wind to shift the seeming, strange stillness of a city in repose. On the other side of the bay glitters a city of lights. But here, there's only darkness. Welcome to Gotham.

this town is a lonely town
not the only town like this town
this town is a make you town
or a break you town and bring you down town

What is a DR?
"DR" stands for Dressing Room, a term for a community that implies a specific setting/theme for informal role-play. Informal can mean spur of the moment scenes, scenes outside of a specific timeline, alternate universe scenes, open scenes, or any number of scenarios.

Who can RP here?
DCU characters and OCs can RP here. If your character has a reason to be in Gotham, then they are welcome. Even Superman comes to Gotham occasionally, and more vigilantes than Batman live or have lived in Gotham. All versions of all DCU characters are welcome, from Nolanverse to the animated series, Elseworlds to AUs.

this town is a quiet town
or a riot town like this town
this town is a love you town
and a shove you down and push you round town


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